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PlayStation 5 Supports Analogue FreeSync And G-Sync



A modern console must not only fulfill the dreams of gamers, but also meet the minimum technological requirements of its time. Thus, the presence of the proud word “nextgen” in the concept of a game console should be justified by the support of advanced functions. And Sony is trying to match that.

We are talking about support for VRR technology – an option that allows you to dynamically control the refresh rate of the monitor to improve the smoothness of gameplay and avoid image tearing.

Such anomalies are corrected using vertical synchronization. But this is an outdated option that makes the gameplay sticky and clumsy. FreeSync from AMD or G-Sync from Nvidia is another matter. These technologies repeat each other. They adjust the monitor rate to match the 1: 1 frame rate in real time. Therefore, the gameplay gets rid of desync and other little things that spoil the picture and reduce visual comfort.

The PlayStation 5 will also get such a feature – the information was added to the official FAQ of the console on the Sony website. The company also explained that VRR support for PS5 and HDMI 2.1 is hardware-based but requires firmware to be enabled.

The developers have promised to enable frequency synchronization in the next updates. In the meantime, Xbox Series is leading the way as it already allows VRR with a compatible display.


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