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PlayStation 2 turns 20: remembering your favorite games




PS2 received support for the DVD format, which made it possible to use it as a media player as well. Also, the second PlayStation had backward compatibility with the games of the original PS. Sony supported the device for 13 years and only in 2013 was completely discontinued.

Over the course of its existence, more than 155 million units of PlayStation 2 have been sold. Unfortunately, the current generation, represented by PS4, did not manage to catch up with this result, and as a result, it sold over 110 million consoles. In this post I would like to recall the most interesting PS2 games.

Resident evil 3

Most gamers consider the second part of the cult Resident Evil series to be the most memorable, but I would like to mention the third part, since the main antagonist, Nemesis, is remembered. I still remember the first meeting with him near the Raccoon City Police Station.


A tactical third-person shooter. At the start, three ranks of fighters were available, and two more additional ranks were opened as they passed. SOCOM was slightly ahead of its time and set the standard for the military shooter, and it also had a rather popular multiplayer mode.

Silent Hill 2

The survival horror game from Konami was released initially on PlayStation 2, but was later ported to other platforms. The sequel was almost unrelated to the plot of the original game, but atmospheric in many ways bypassed it, thanks in large part to the great soundtrack from Akira Yamaoka.

God of war

In a selection of the most memorable PlayStation 2 games, it would be difficult to get past the God of War series and its first installment from studio Santa Monica, which gave us the story of Kratos. In my opinion, the franchise was revealed to its fullest with the restart on PS4, as the plot got deeper and new game mechanics appeared.

Share your favorite PlayStation 2 games in the comments.

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