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Players found a new feature of the DualSense controller



With the release of the PlayStation 5, Sony has also updated its line of gamepads. Japanese controllers have always been cutting edge, and this time they have simply outdone themselves. DualShock turned into DualSense for a reason. And one more thing.

Along with the name, the controller received new features that justify the prefix “sense”. The most interesting thing is the reverse recoil on triggers. Now, when you pull the trigger, you will feel the force with which Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn pulls the bowstring or the kickback of the pedals in Gran Turismo 7. But there is still something interesting about the new controller.

The Sony lettering next to the USB connector is offset to the left by one millimeter. This is where the Double Feeling justifies itself. Where to go now for perfectionists and their feelings. Such is the play on words.

Interestingly, the run up of the label varies from controller to controller. This “bug” was found by Far Cry 6 developer Ted Timmins. He wonders if Sony is ‚Äúbranding‚ÄĚ gamepads by hand on their knees.

In any case, this curiosity will not affect the gameplay and enjoyment of the game with the still unique feedback functions. Although, who knows what perfectionists think about this.

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