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Pixel 5 will be released in green, and the Google Chromecast TV box will receive a new interface




Today, an advertising photo has leaked on the Web, thanks to which it became known how the interface of the new Google Chromecast TV remote control with Google TV, as well as a Pixel 5 smartphone in a green body, will look like. It’s worth noting that an early version of the new Chromecast’s interface was revealed in June, but now we are likely seeing the final product.

the image gives an opportunity to examine in detail the interface of the new Chromecast with Google TV. In the upper left corner of the home screen, you can see the Google TV logo. It is followed by the Search, For You, Livestream, Movies, Shows, Applications, and Library tabs. The profile avatar is displayed in the upper right corner, and the For You tab is the default home screen. The background image is movie and TV show posters with captions containing some information such as their title and description.

As for the Pixel 5, judging by the image, the new shade will be noticeably darker than the previous smartphone from the company. The green back panel contrasts nicely with the black bezel. The entire body of the device is made in dark green, including the fingerprint scanner, and the volume buttons. Only the main camera unit, the power button and the Google logo at the bottom of the back cover are highlighted in black.

In addition, in the picture on the table, you can see the Google Chromecast Voice Remote Control and Nest Audio, made in white.

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