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Pixel 5 shows good results on pre-orders




Google planned to sell 800,000 smartphones by the end of the year, which can be called a rather pessimistic forecast. At the moment, it is clear that the smartphone has managed to attract a large number of buyers, as evidenced by the number of previous orders.

Obviously, the size of the first batch of Pixel 5 was based on these not very optimistic forecasts of the company, but it turned out that the batch was too small. The official stores of Google in Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland have already closed the possibility of pre-ordering Pixel 5, which indicates that the smartphones were disassembled before the official launch.

Unfortunately, we do not know what were the dimensions of the first batch of Google Pixel 5, but from the fact that the model was disassembled by pre-order before the start of sales. It is expected that in the near future, Google will again make the model available for pre-order by increasing shipments.

Source: 9to5Google

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