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Phantom Direct Drive – Electric Skateboard With Acceleration Of Nearly 50 Km / H



An unusual product has appeared on the Indiegogo platform – the Phantom Direct Drive electric skateboard with a carbon fiber platform and a new generation lithium battery. The developers point to support for acceleration up to 30 miles per hour (~ 48 km / h), and the battery capacity will last for 30 miles. At the same time, Phantom Direct Drive visually and in function does not differ from a regular skateboard, which provides many advantages.

The first thing that catches your eye is the thin deck with a height of only 33 mm, inside which the battery is installed. Developers use hidden wiring. For the convenience of movement, large 97 mm wheels with good cross-country ability (as for a skateboard) are offered.

The user can control the operation of the direct drive motor with a remote control, which allows the speed to be adjusted while driving. The remote has an LCD display where key information is displayed. There are 3 modes to choose from. Reverse is supported.

The advantage of the Phantom Direct Drive is the IP65 protection index, which means complete dust isolation and protection from water jets in any direction. In other words, this skateboard can be ridden over curbs and puddles. In the product presentation video, the Phantom Direct Drive is used for driving on tarmac and dirt roads. In the video, you can see small headlights for illuminating the road and taillights. This increases driving safety at night.

The Phantom Direct Drive Electric Skateboard is priced at $ 969 on Indiegogo, while the PRO Kit with Backpack, Extra Wheels and Battery is $ 1,223. Deliveries are scheduled for February 2021.

Source: indiegogo

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