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People cut their hands on iPhone 12 – edges are too sharp



According to MyDrivers, the iPhone 12 line has several unexpected problems. Apart from the fact that paint peels off the body almost instantly, the device is very inconvenient to hold – its edges literally dig into the palm.

With the release of the iPhone 12, Apple decided to return to the iPhone 4 design and ditched rounded edges in favor of completely flat ones. The designers and engineers did not take into account one very important point: since the dimensions of smartphones have increased significantly, now you have to make more efforts to hold the device in your hand.

iPhone 12

In the Chinese social network Weibo, photos of the hands of the owner of the iPhone 12 appeared. He squeezed his smartphone so hard that small bruises and cuts remained on his fingers and palms. Some commentators were skeptical about the incident. They write that a person has too delicate skin, and in general it is not clear why it is necessary to squeeze the body, if this causes not only discomfort, but even pain. Some users generally doubt that a smartphone even with such a design can cut itself.

Naturally, if you loosen your grip, these cuts will not remain. In addition, you can place your smartphone in a soft silicone case with rounded edges – then it will be as comfortable to use as previous generations of iPhones.

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