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Patents for a new watch from Realme appeared on the web

by Henry Brown


According to rumors, Realme is not standing still and is already preparing to replenish its line of smart watches with might and main.

The market for wearable gadgets is booming. Everyone wants a stylish fitness bracelet or a smart assistant in the form of a solid watch. One way or another, the market itself notices a trend, and many manufacturers are actively involved in the development of this segment. Chinese manufacturers are working a lot in this direction: Xiaomi, Huawei and the “newcomer” Realme.

Realme already has its own “smart watch” – Realme Watch, which, in fact, is nothing more than a smart bracelet in the watch form factor. Despite the fact that the watch was presented relatively recently, the company is already working on new models. The company recently sent two inquiries to the China Patent Office.


Interestingly, the design of the new devices has a lot in common with the original Realme Watch. Firstly, both concepts show the design of the main body of the watch in the form of a square a la Apple Watch. The first concept is generally similar to the existing Realme Watch one-to-one. However, a closer look reveals some differences. For example, the display is slightly smaller and the button is taller.

New Realme Watch

In the second design, attention is paid to the details of the colors – you can notice the combination of two colors. In addition, the button on the side is circular, which means it is operated by turning it.

Another variant of the Realme Watch

Both options have different straps: one with a clasp, the other with a button. Recall that the original watch comes with different straps depending on the region.

It is not yet known if any of these options will hit the market. The web also believes that perhaps we are in front of the concepts of the first Realme Smartwatch. One way or another, we are waiting for official statements from the Chinese company.

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