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Panasonic updates LUMIX Tether software for its cameras




Many manufacturers of high quality cameras and cameras are somehow concerned about the growing tendency that many smartphones are gradually acquiring more user attention than low-budget and universal cameras – although in the segment of highly detailed solutions everything remains at about the same level. Panasonic today announced a new update for its LUMIX Tether software, which acts as a kind of connector between LUMIX cameras and a Windows computer to make the camera work as a USB camera.

It is worth noting the fact that this software in general offers something really interesting and unusual, as interacting with a high-quality camera for video conferencing and chatting becomes a much more pleasant alternative than a regular webcam. So today it became known that a separate Panasonic development team was properly engaged in the development of the main and additional functionality of the LUMIX Tether system, since many users previously complained about an overly annoying and not quite rationally built user interface, not to mention some program bugs.

The development team notes that among the highest priority changes in the new software, it highlights the ability to work correctly with selected LUMIX camera models when integrating their systems into such popular video conferencing programs as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and Zoom. Although the team still has many questions to be resolved.

It is worth pointing out such an important factor as fast zooming and smooth switching between different modes of the camera when it is connected to a Windows system using the LUMIX Tether software. So far, Panasonic developers continue to work on improving and expanding the current functionality of LUMIX cameras, which work like regular, albeit highly detailed, webcams, so it is not soon possible to expect the final completion of this stage of preparation.


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