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Panasonic begins shipping futuristic transparent OLED panels



Panasonic is already offering to feel the future. The presented 55-inch OLED panels seem to have left the screens of fantastic films, in which various information necessary for the user is displayed on windows, glass, mirrors and other surfaces.

The novelty from Panasonic is a special OLED-panel that can become transparent. Mass deliveries of such devices that can be used at home, office, store and so on will begin in December this year.

The panels will first enter the markets of Japan, as well as the countries of Oceania and Asia. Two versions of the device will be offered: TP-55ZT100 and TP-55ZT110. The first model remains transparent even when the video is shown, but the colors and contrast are somewhat affected by this. The second version received full dimming, which turns a transparent panel into a normal TV or screen, but when dimmed, the panel ceases to be transparent.

Both versions can be part of one common image. On the “short” side, no more than two devices can be connected, and on the long side, the number of connections is not limited.

An external power supply unit with dimensions 210 * 60 * 305 weighs 1.75 kg. Without it, the panels weigh 14 and 8 kg, respectively. The dimmable model is quite thick: 7.6 mm, versus 3.8 mm in the second version, without dimming.

Source: Panasonic

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