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Software10 hours ago

“This browser is like 2008”: Windows 10 and Windows 11 discourage users from downloading Chrome

Microsoft has taken another step to prevent users of its operating systems from switching from the proprietary built-in Edge browser...

Electric Cars16 hours ago

Google Unveils New Android Features: Car Cd Keys, Family Bell, New Widgets, Emoji Kitchen, Better Security

Google has announced a number of new features of the Android operating system, one of which we talked about in...

Phones19 hours ago

Inflation and the new strain of “Omicron” have done their job: Apple admits that demand for the iPhone has decreased

Apple, which had previously struggled with component shortages, faced a new challenge: declining demand. The company told its component suppliers...

Components1 day ago

Microsoft brought the clock back to the taskbar of the second monitor in Windows 11 and allowed users to diversify the Start menu a bit.

Fully obeying worldly wisdom “to make a person good, do him bad at first, and then return it to how...

Software2 days ago

Google released Android TV 12

Google has unveiled a stable version of its big platform update for smart TVs – Android TV 12. As enthusiasts...

Phones2 days ago

Apple will finally overthrow old leader Samsung this year: iPhone market share rises to record highs

The iPhone’s market share is expected to grow to a record 23.1% in the last quarter of 2021. This is...

Software2 days ago

Here is a breakthrough: Windows 11 share almost doubled in a month

Microsoft accelerated the distribution of its new operating system Windows 11 in November. The result can be seen in the...

Phones2 days ago

The third generation iPhone SE will be released in the first quarter of 2022. Old design but new platform and 5G support

According to new information, which was published by Taiwan-based analyst company TrendForce, the third-generation iPhone SE will be released in...

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