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Overview of the RHA MA750 Wireless Headphones – Nearly Perfect for Music Lovers

by Robert Adams
Overview of the RHA MA750 Wireless Headphones - Nearly Perfect for Music Lovers

The MA750 Bluetooth wireless headset made us think about the quality of modern technology. This interesting decision will accompany you all your life if you decide to use it.


As is the case with most models of the company, packaging serves as a pleasant addition, in which it is difficult to find flaws. Inside we see a soft case, a USB-USB-C cable, and as many as 9 pairs of rubber ear pads. Of these, 7 pairs are placed in a special form, and two are located in a small envelope along with a clip to shorten the length of the wire.

5 pairs of pads have a classic shape and differ only in size, two pairs come with double valves for a better fit to the ear canal, the other two are a Comply view – these are rubber pads with a paralon designed for perfect adaptation to size.

Ergonomics and comfort

RHA is not comparable in terms of build quality, which is really high. The rubber collar holding the headphones together is flexible and lightweight, in addition, the material is pleasant to the touch and does not interfere at all with contact with the neck. At the ends we see two thicker parts where the battery and components are located, on the right side is the power button and a USB-C input for charging.

The remote control is made of rubber and metal: the play / pause button is slightly hollow, making it easy to recognize by touch, while the volume buttons are more difficult to press, despite the fact that the + and – symbols are embossed, it will take you a day or two to familiarize yourself with the position of the keys and get used to them.

The body of the stainless steel in-ear headphones stands out with the traditional Aerophonic design, so that the transmitted sound waves from the sensor to our ears do not encounter any obstacles. The headphones are equipped with magnets that allow them to be attached when they are not working and the device is not damaged by raindrops, as evidenced by the IPX4 certificate.

Sound quality

So, we came to the most interesting part of the review, but before talking about sound quality, let’s explain a little how these headphones behave in everyday life. Let’s start with autonomy: RHAs guarantee uninterrupted 12 hours of playback, and our tests confirm this figure. Sometimes the battery pleased us with even longer work, so the expectations are more than met, and when you turn on the headphones will inform you about the amount of remaining charge (below 80%, below 70%, etc.).

It is worth mentioning another aspect, such as the presence of an NFC chip that allows you to connect headphones with a smartphone. The pairing system works flawlessly and is very convenient when you are in a hurry and do not want to spend time on Bluetooth settings.

The frequency response is 16-22 000 Hz, the sound of the RHA MA750 Wireless is incredibly clear and balanced, but we did not expect anything else, considering how impressed the previous model MA650. In general, speaking about the sound characteristics, we held in our hands some of the best wireless headphones that we have ever tried.

However, we note one drawback. If you are used to deep bass, it will be difficult for you to hear them, this case of a musical genre bypasses the model. Classical music is perfect here, high frequencies are exactly what you need to evaluate the sound of a violin and other strings.

The RHA MA750 is an excellent wireless headset that has earned the attention of customers so much that it is among the favorites by the number of reviews and reviews. Despite the really low bass and relatively “flat” sound, the quality will not disappoint those who are looking for a comfortable balance.

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