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Oppo Shows Its Vision Of A Flexible Smartphone. It Looks Strange, But Interesting



Smartphones with flexible screens are already a reality. And we all know this very well. But somehow it turns out that in fact only two companies managed to create such devices – Samsung, which was very successful in this, and Motorola, whose smartphones with flexible screens are not needed by anyone. The rest of the companies seem to be trying to do something, but somehow everything does not reach the release. We will not say anything about Huawei at all, because it seemed to be a clamshell, but Huawei is now in such a situation that we will just remember …

So, the Oppo company also decided to try themselves in this field. But I still haven’t shown a live working smartphone with a flexible screen. But the prototype of a more interesting device has already been rolled out. And on paper and pictures it looks downright great. A new concept was presented today, which was developed with the Japanese company Nendo. The smartphone has been called a slide-phone, if you like. And this thing is really unique. I would like to see this in life, in fact.

There are two hinges on board the smartphone that can allow the user to choose the screen diagonal that he wants to see in front of him right now. You can open the smartphone, then it will be 1.5 inches to check notifications or access the music player. Then you can slide the smartphone apart and get 3.15 inches, which will be quite convenient if you need to take a quick photo or respond to an urgent message. And if you unfold the smartphone completely, it will be 7 inches with practically no frames. But here it turns out that the device will be excessively elongated. But it will work well if you work with several applications at once.

To all this, stylus support was added to the smartphone. The stylus itself can even be hidden in a specially thought out place in the body of the smartphone. There will also be 3 cameras on board, a flash and that’s it. They did not want to provide any more information. The whole emphasis is on flexible screen, design and functionality. Therefore, no one began to talk about the technical characteristics. Apparently, there are no technical characteristics in principle. And the release date was not reported. And most likely such a device will be too expensive to buy. And it is possible that it will not even be produced. But it is not exactly.

Source: GizmoChina

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