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OPPO presented ColorOS 11 with extensive customization options




Today, the world’s leading manufacturer of smart devices OPPO held a global online presentation of its updated shell ColorOS 11. Thus, OPPO went down in history as one of the first OEMs to use the latest update of Android 11. Guided by the concept of Make Life Flow (Manage life smoothly) ColorOS 11 supports popular standard Android features, and also provides extensive UI customization capabilities to OPPO users. The launch of ColorOS 11 took place immediately after the public presentation of Android 11 by Google, which testifies to the close cooperation between the two companies.

A new level of UI settings to reveal your personality

ColorOS 11 offers an unprecedented level of interface customization so that users can personalize their experience, create their own Always-On Display screensavers, wallpapers, fonts, icons and ringtones. This update also enhances the dark mode of standard Android thanks to three color schemes and contrast levels. In addition, the new version of OPPO Relax 2.0 allows users to create their own white noise mixes, and also offers an exciting collection of city sounds from around the world.

“The focus of the new ColorOS 11 on UI customization is based on the customer’s desire to have a more personalized and unique smartphone experience,” says Lynn Noe, OPPO ColorOS Design Project Manager. – The ColorOS team listened to user feedback for better UI settings, offering a more personalized interface that includes a wide range of features. In this way, we provide users with enough space to demonstrate their individuality and effectively manage their smartphones.

The efficiency is higher than ever

ColorOS 11 is equipped with new unique features that increase efficiency and life. Among them – Three-Finger Translate (three-finger translator) based on Google Lens – the first feature created by the collaboration of OPPO and Google. The translator captures and translates text with a simple screenshot taken with three fingers.

Flexdrop is another new feature that provides a simple and intuitive solution to multitasking. Users can watch videos and read text at the same time, which will be especially appreciated by gamers and video lovers. Users can even switch between different devices in a smart home system, controlling them through a new device management menu without having to download additional applications.

To maximize battery power, the new Super Power Saving Mode allows users to select the six most important applications for low-charge operation. Meanwhile, Battery Guard prevents damage to the battery due to overcharging at unstable supply voltage, by studying the user’s habits. At night, Battery Guard technology intelligently stops charging as soon as it reaches 80%, and by the time the user wakes up, the program resumes the process to achieve full charge.

Unprecedented opportunities to “manage life smoothly”

Although high frame rates are considered advances in the industry, phones often result in errors and delays. To avoid this, ColorOS 11 has a UI First 2.0, which combines a patented OPPO engine with Quantum Animation (quantum animation) to reduce delays and lags. This speeds up RAM by 45%, improving response speed by 32% and frame rate by 17%.

Another useful innovation is the AI ​​function of preloading applications. It studies user behavior and the applications it uses most often, and reduces download time. SuperTouch also intelligently identifies the conditions under which the user uses the smartphone, and accordingly optimizes the speed of response to touch, improving the smooth operation of the system.

Increased attention to user security and privacy

ColorOS 11 includes the recently added privacy settings of Android 11, creating a number of additional features to protect privacy and data security. Private System creates a separate system, where the second version of programs and data works independently of the original and is available only through a separate fingerprint scan or password.

The new App Lock shortcut allows users to lock apps with a password, fingerprint or face scanner. The permit system has also been improved. This has been achieved thanks to temporary permissions, which reset access to the camera, microphone and geolocation when the application is not in use. When automatically resetting permissions, the application uses the default permissions if they have not been used for a long time. To prevent malicious applications from accessing data from other applications, the repository restricts access to the phone’s memory by requesting the user’s permission.

The fastest and most advanced update in the history of ColorOS

The current beta version of ColorOS 11 invites technically savvy users to test new features and share experiences. The official version will appear in the coming weeks. ColorOS 11 will be released in stages for various smartphones – starting with the Find X2 and Reno3 series. The full version update will cover more than 28 phone models, including the Find, Reno, F, K and A series.

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