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Oppo Officially Announces OPPO AR Glasses at Future Tech Conference



On the official Weibo page, Oppo has announced a new product, OPPO AR Glasses, which will be unveiled at the Future Tech Conference on the 17th.

The company promises a more comfortable wearing experience, richer interaction and a view comparable to a 90-inch screen, at a distance of 3 meters. The exhibition will take place on November 17 in China, Shenzhen.

“The second generation of OPPO AR glasses is waiting for you!”

OPPO AR glasses this new product line is a product that was officially announced last year at the OPPO Future Technology Conferenc, but it seems that it will only enter the markets in this 2021.

There are a lot of AR glasses on the market right now, but their use is severely limited by content as there are not many use cases. But it seems that OPPO believes in the promise of this direction and will release its AR glasses soon.

Source: sparrowsnews

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