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OPPO has come up with a clamshell smartphone turned inside out

by Henry Brown


The Chinese company OPPO, one of the world’s largest smartphone developers, according to LetsGoDigital, is thinking about a new device equipped with a flexible display.

This is a classic clamshell phone. True, unlike Motorola razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the projected OPPO device will fold the flexible screen not inside the case, but outward.

Thus, when folded, the display will cover the front and back of the case. This will make it possible to do without a selfie camera – owners will be able to shoot self-portraits on the main camera, using the rear section of the screen as a viewfinder.

The rear camera will receive a multi-module configuration with elements arranged horizontally in a row. We are talking about the presence of a symmetrical USB Type-C port.


A special system will determine the opening angle of the smartphone and optimize the user interface accordingly.

Information about the smartphone was published on the website of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). It is not specified when the OPPO device with the described design may appear on the commercial market.


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