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OnePlus Watch won’t use Google Wear OS



There have been rumors on the network for a long time that OnePlus is preparing its own “smart” watch called OnePlus Watch. In addition, it was previously reported that this watch will receive the Cyberpunk 2077 Edition. According to the new information, OnePlus Watch will not use the Google Wear OS system.

Insider @MaxJmb, who has repeatedly provided accurate predictions about the upcoming OnePlus devices, shared information that the OnePlus Watch will be based on some other system than Wear OS.

It is noteworthy that Google Wear OS is often used by those brands that do not have enough resources to develop their own smartwatch system. There is no word yet on what OnePlus will replace Wear OS with. Apparently, the company has its own developments in this area. Obviously, the OnePlus Watch will be paired with other Android smartphones and, in particular, OnePlus smartphones. We will probably see something in the spirit of the Oxygen OS (OnePlus operating system for smartphones), but for smartwatches.

A release date for OnePlus Watch has yet to be determined. Most likely, the announcement will take place only in 2021.

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Source: Gizchina

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