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OnePlus Nord is able to independently roll back to factory settings

by Henry Brown


OnePlus Nord is one of the most advertised smartphones of this year, despite the fact that it is an ordinary mid-range device with a lot of analogues. The device was presented just two months ago, and has already gone through seven software updates, in which many flaws have not been eliminated. Now, OnePlus Nord users are faced with a new problem, which is spontaneously resetting the smartphone to factory settings.

While the device offers good value for money, it’s hard to turn a blind eye to major software flaws. Some Nord users started to complain on the company’s support forum about the strange behavior of their devices. According to one of the Nord owners, his smartphone got very hot while in his pocket. When the user pulled it out, he was horrified to find that the device was formatting the internal memory. Other Nord owners faced the same problem.


It is worth noting that this is far from the first smartphone problem, but probably the most serious. OnePlus announced that it is already working on its solution, and until then, users can only hope that their brand new smartphone will not one day decide to start life from scratch.


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