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OnePlus is running a competition to find users to test new accessories




OnePlus has announced recruiting testers for their new, not yet announced accessories. But only the most talented and creative.

What is needed for that

The company needs only 510 people who will be the first to receive prototypes of new accessories are not less than three pieces in year. But to get into them number, you need to show your talent and win at competition.

For participation in competition, you need to remove the review on your accessory, be it an old voice recorder or new gamepad, and publish it on sub-forum Accessories from notation [Accessory Review Challenge]… It should be new content written by you, and in a different format: video blog, gif, video, images etc. One participant one review.

Works are accepted until September 15th, after which the winners will have to sign an agreement on non-disclosure.

Which accessories will be tested It is not yet known, but it looks like OnePlus has decided to substantially expand its range.

Source: OnePlus

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