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OnePlus has confirmed the imminent release of smart watches

by Henry Brown

There have been rumors that OnePlus will unveil its first smartwatch at an event celebrating the OnePlus 8T flagship smartphone, but these have not been confirmed. Moreover, this gave reason to think that the company is not going to release a wearable device at all. As it turned out, such concerns are unfounded – OnePlus is indeed working on its first smartwatch, confirmation of this appeared on the company’s Twitter page.

OnePlus India has posted a concept art of the first OnePlus smartwatch and a message stating that “more products are coming to the OnePlus ecosystem soon. It’s just a matter of time. ”

The company did not reveal any details about the product and did not provide a launch date. But there is one important confirmation regarding the design of the upcoming OnePlus smartwatch. Judging by the image, the OnePlus Watch will have a round design like the Galaxy Watch Active.

OnePlus first experimented with the idea of ​​creating its own smartwatch back in 2016. The company had not only plans, but also a finished product, but in the end it refused to release the watch to the market, as it considered it uncompetitive. Now, it looks like OnePlus is really seeing benefits in expanding its growing ecosystem of products. After all, OPPO, Realme and Vivo have already entered the wearable market, and OnePlus is the only brand that has yet to launch its own smartwatch.

OnePlus has confirmed the imminent release of smart watches


Since the company has already started promoting the new device, it can be expected to launch before the end of this year. This is evidenced by the fact that the OnePlus smartwatch with model number W301GB last month passed the certification of the Singapore regulator IMDA. The posting of this news on Twitter by OnePlus India also suggests that the watch could debut in India before being introduced to other markets.

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