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“One More Thing” – New M1 Processor, Refreshed MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and MacMini



On November 10, 2020 at 21:00 Moscow time, Apple held its next presentation “One More Thing”. Focus on Mac devices.

The name of the event, translated into Russian, sounds like “One more thing”. Initially, this phrase was used by Steve Jobs back in 1999, when iMacs were presented in new colored cases. Since then, Apple has used this slogan almost every year to draw the attention of potential buyers to its new products. Since the release of the iPhone has become a good annual tradition for the whole world, then all the most interesting Apple, as a rule, reserves it for “One more thing”.

Apple has unveiled a new processor for Mac devices called the M1. It is made up of 16 billion transistors, is made using a 5nm process and is a key element for all next-generation Mac devices.

The new MacBook Air will feature this new M1 chip. Which will make it almost twice as fast as laptops released this year, according to Apple. In addition, the new chip will increase the battery life of the MacBook Air up to 18 hours. The cost of the device is $ 899.

Next, Apple showed off the new MacMini. The cost is $ 699.

Then Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro. Costing $ 1200.

Source: YouTube

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