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Old iPhones and Xiaomi change to new Meizu 17




The owners of smartphones Apple, OnePlus and Xiaomi are getting rid of the once popular iPhones, “bears” and “Nords” in favor of the Meizu 17 lineup. Such a boastful statement was made by Meizu Technology Co.


The reason why users of the mentioned devices switch to Meizu 17 and Meizu 17 Pro is the updated trade-in program. Its essence is the exchange of old devices for new ones with a surcharge. Until recently, the Chinese brand exchanged all devices of the previous generation for “seventeen”, from the basic Meizu 16 to the Meizu 16s Pro (a total of 6 varieties).

The terms of the updated trade-in allow owners of third-party brands to receive devices of the 17th model. The amount of the marginal discount for owners of “apple” smartphones is 505 USD. The owners of gadgets “Xiaomi” and “VanPlus” can count on a maximum of $ 270 and $ 420, respectively.

The reasons for Meizu’s desire to get back their old creations is an attempt to “add” new users to their products and reuse the components of the “sixteen” in new models.

Parts removed from used smartphones, according to the assurances of the company’s representatives, go through 15 types of various modifications and improvements before being re-installed on the phones.

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