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O-Film showcased the thinnest zoom module for smartphones

by Henry Brown
O-Film showcased the thinnest zoom module for smartphones

Zoom in smartphones is a separate topic for developers and engineers, and making a zoom lens is aerobatics!

Over the past couple of years, zoom in smartphones has become increasingly common. And if earlier it was a question of two or three times zoom, then the modern flagship is difficult to imagine without optical periscope zoom with a magnification of 5x and even 10x and digital zoom with a magnification of 100x.

At the same time, variable focal lengths remain unattainable for developers and engineers. Although we can recall ASUS ZenFone Zoom, Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and Samsung Galaxy K Zoom, as well as the recent announcement of a concept smartphone from vivo – Apex 2020, which also received Continuous Zoom.

In the vast majority of cases, we get a huge number of cameras, each with its own sensor and lens, which cover various focal lengths. We can say that in smartphones we are always talking about fixes.

The Chinese company O-Film has demonstrated periscopic costruction, which covers a range of focal lengths from 85 to 170 mm (equiv.). Aperture value varies from f / 3.1 to f / 5.1. But most importantly – the thickness of the module is only 5.9 mm.

Roughly speaking, we now have a 3-7x optical zoom, but according to the assurances of O-Film, options 3-5x, 5-8x and 3.5-9.5x are in development.

In the design, you can see a prism with optical image stabilization, as well as a piezoelectric motor that moves a group of three lenses inside. Thus, autofocus is performed.

Unfortunately, we are only faced with developments and there is no question of mass production, as well as a smartphone with a similar module.

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