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Nvidia promises stock replenishment RTX 3080 Founders Edition




Many Nvidia fans were somehow interested in purchasing the so-called Founders Edition format of the latest version of the RTX 3080 video accelerator, which is the most powerful video card from Nvidia on the market. However, in the first hours after the final release of the new video card, the company noted that it faced some serious difficulties regarding the ability to provide as much volume as possible, not only in the Founders Edition format, but also in more classic versions of its video card, thus leaving all the suffering with nothing – however, today the company told in more detail what it is going to do.

According to the management of Nvidia, the main difficulty in delivering the required number of RTX 3080 Founders Edition models – as well as its more classic variants from third-party suppliers on the market – is that user interest in it is very high, which leads to significant increased demand for it.

In other words, at the time of its release, the RTX 3080 video card model was selling so quickly that Nvidia simply did not have time to replenish the volume of this video card in time – so most of the users who previously pre-ordered the RTX 3080 Founders Edition model now have to wait for the final completion of the replenishment. company stock. On the other hand, Nvidia also talked about a slightly different problem, namely the need to deal with the issue of choosing the right third-party components in order to make the supply of its video card as stable and smooth as possible for most users.

Given that the company had previously faced similar problems in one way or another at the time of the release of its past flagship video cards, few users have doubts that it will not cope with the next such moment – but so far, we can hardly expect a quick replenishment stocks, as the company needs to negotiate third-party delivery times. However, most likely next week the company will finally restore the flow and replenishment of its new video card.

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