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Nvidia Maxine – Next Generation Video Conferencing Platform




Nvidia has announced a new video conferencing platform, Maxine, which the company claims could solve some of the most common video calling problems.

Maxine is a suite of AI-powered tools. The system can handle calls in the cloud using Nvidia GPUs. The program is able to automatically improve the quality of video calls, rearrange the faces and looks of users so that they always look directly at the camera, as well as reduce the requirements for Internet speed.

Other features available in Maxine include face re-lighting, real-time translation, and animated avatars. You can even change the background during a video call.

Nvidia hopes its cloud computing technology and expertise in AI will help it outperform its competitors.

Maxine’s tools come in handy for enhancing third party software. So far, Nvidia has not announced any partners that will use these chips, but negotiations are already underway, the company said.



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