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Nvidia Launches DGX Station A100 Workstation With Latest A100 GPU



Nvidia has unveiled a new gold-colored workstation with four A100 GPUs.

The Nvidia A100 is a tensor core GPU that delivers unmatched acceleration for AI.

The DGX Station A100 has four of these processors, each of which is connected to the high-performance computer bus NVLink. This will allow GPUs to run in parallel to solve multiple tasks by multiple users at the same time. All this gives a fourfold increase in speed when simulating artificial intelligence.

The GPU A100 supports NVLink and NVSwitch technologies for up to 600 Gb / s throughput.

The graphics processor is complemented by a 64-core AMD processor and 512GB of RAM.

For user data storage, 7.68 TB of free space is allocated on NVMe SSDs – twice as fast as PCIe Gen3 drives.

The workstation has support for PCIe Gen-4 and 4K resolution.

The creators of the DGX Station A100 report that deployment of the station does not take long, as it does not require special cooling or any special power source.

Sales of the workstation will begin in November this year. The cost of the station has not yet been disclosed.

Source: slashgear

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