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Nvidia has unveiled a platform that will only be released in 2025. SoC Atlan is designed for cars



The Nvidia Atlan SoC, which we talked about most recently, is unveiled. The company itself calls it an AI data center on wheels for next-generation autonomous cars.

Despite the announcement in the first half of 2021, the SoC is targeting cars that will not be released until 2025. As already mentioned, the platform will be based on CPU and GPU, which will not be released soon. Actually, they do not even have their names yet, and of course, Nvidia does not disclose the parameters.

But at the same time, it already promises a performance of more than 1000 TOPS. In comparison, the Nvidia Xavier SoC had a performance of 30 TOPS, while the Drive Orin automotive supercomputer had 254 TOPS, and it will not appear in production cars until next year.

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