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Nvidia has released Broadcast – a modified version of RTX Voice

by Henry Brown


Although Nvidia is famous primarily for its own graphics processors, in fact, this tech giant is actively doing well in the field of various programs and utilities. As you may know, earlier this year, Nvidia released a beta of its new software called RTX Voice. And as it is not difficult to understand from the name, it is intended directly for processing sound and suppressing almost all background noise, so that when shooting video, streaming or participating in video conferences, the sound is at its best.

Overall, RTX Voice worked surprisingly well at the beta stage. For example, those people who use mechanical keyboards note that as a result, thanks to Nvidia technology, the sound from it is not heard at all, and this is an extremely good indicator. And so, just yesterday Nvidia released some kind of successor application called Broadcast. And yes, it’s available for download now. At its core, Nvidia Broadcast is a kind of continuation of the beta version of RTX Voice, and the advantages of Broadcast can be attributed to the fact that the service has two new, rather useful functions that work on the basis of artificial intelligence. To be more precise, these very functions are “virtual background” and “automatic frame”.

But even if you don’t need these innovations, you should still download Nvidia Broadcast, because the manufacturer claims that the built-in background noise removal function now “has a lower cost in terms of performance” and also supports three times more noise profiles than on the first beta version. Either way, the “virtual background” feature, as the name suggests, allows you to remove the background from your webcam and replace it with either a video of the game or any specific image that is stored on your hard drive. However, if you do not need this, then you will be pleased at least that you can simply blur the background behind you, and this functionality works very well.

If we talk about the “automatic frame” function, then it acts as a kind of “operator of your own reality show”. That is, your webcam zooms in on you, and the artificial intelligence of your Nvidia GPU keeps you in the frame by accurately tracking your head movements. So if you often move in front of the webcam, but want your face to be constantly in the frame, automatic frame will help you. The only prerequisite for using Nvidia Broadcast is the presence of RTX GPUs – RTX 2060, 2070, 2080, 2080 Ti and better.

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