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NVIDIA Enables DLSS for Four More Games with Up to 120% Performance Boost



While AMD is focusing on graphics cards, NVIDIA is expanding the functionality of its products, optimizing and introducing new technologies. One of them is Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS). The list of 20 games supporting this technology has been added the following: Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, War Thunder, Enlisted, Ready or Not.

NVIDIA DLSS technology is based on AI principles that allow the GPU to increase resolution and generate fewer frames, which allows you to maintain image quality and increase FPS. You can read more about this technology here.

What performance gain can be expected in these games can be found in the slides.

Recall that the list of games with DLSS support currently includes Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019), Control, Crysis Remastered, Metro Exodus, Wolfenstein: Youngblood and others.

Source: videocardz

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