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Nvidia CEO Confirms Company May Launch Private Label Processors




As we previously reported, Nvidia signed an agreement to buy Arm for $ 40 billion. Commenting on the deal, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang confirmed the self-evident speculation that Nvidia-branded processors may appear on the market in the future. They will take Nvidia’s competition with Intel and AMD to the next level.

According to the head of Nvidia, there are several possible use cases for Arm’s developments. Specifically, Nvidia could start offering its own branded cores for licensing, market reference implementations, or develop semi-custom solutions based on off-the-shelf cores. The source notes that Nvidia will have full control over the instruction set and it is unclear if it will share any future innovations in the Arm architecture with licensees.

In any case, with IP in processors (Arm), accelerators (Nvidia), and high-speed networking (Mellanox), the company can help build an Arm-based server ecosystem. Nvidia is known to already make several Arm-based processors for low-power applications, but access to Arm’s engineering talent will undoubtedly accelerate the development of custom chips for data centers. You can look forward to optimizing the Arm architecture for use with Nvidia GPUs, for example, in terms of consistent CPU and GPU access to memory, which will encourage other chip manufacturers to use Nvidia GPUs in their solutions. This approach could help solidify Nvidia’s position as a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions for the data center.


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