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NVIDIA Announces Artificial Intelligence Supercomputer for Medical Research



With NVIDIA’s $ 40 billion purchase of ARM, the American tech giant is taking another big step to pledge its commitment to investing in UK technology. The GPU maker has announced plans to create a new AI-powered supercomputer called Cambridge-1 that will be used for healthcare research. It will become the most powerful supercomputer in the UK and the first NVIDIA system designed specifically for access to external research. The project is estimated at almost $ 52 million.

The supercomputer will be launched by the end of this year. NVIDIA is already working with GSK, AstraZeneca, London Hospitals, King’s College London and other companies and organizations that intend to take advantage of Cambridge-1’s opportunities. The growing role of artificial intelligence has revealed the interest of medicine in its use. Leading researchers in the field acknowledge that AI will be in high demand in their work, but no organization has the resources to fully meet these needs. This is why these organizations are increasingly partnering with big tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and, in this case, NVIDIA.

“Solving the world’s most pressing health problems requires massive computing resources to harness the power of AI. The Cambridge-1 supercomputer will become the UK’s hub for innovation and will drive the pioneering work of national researchers in critical health care and drug discovery, ”said Jen-Hsun Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA.

The company plans to allocate Cambridge-1 resources in four areas: industry research (in particular, joint research on projects that exceed the resources of any single institution), giving universities time to compute, medical startups in the field of AI, education for future AI practitioners.

Cambridge-1 will be built on the NVIDIA DGX SuperPOD system with a total computing power of 400 petaflops (AI) and 8 petaflops (Linpack). NVIDIA said this would place the system at the 29th place on the list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world – far from the best achievement, but it is not the main thing. First, this project proves that the supercomputer market is increasingly focusing on specific industries and areas of research. Secondly, it is important that all work is done in the UK. That is, NVIDIA supports and even scales up ARM’s previous efforts in the domestic market.

NVIDIA previously announced its intentions to establish a Center of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence in Cambridge with a new ARM-based supercomputer that will bring together researchers, academics and startups across the UK. Cambridge-1 will become part of this center.

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