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Not only high prices: 5 main disadvantages of the iPhone 12 according to buyers



Apple had barely started selling the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro when the Internet started talking about their shortage. There were so many complaints that we decided to collect them in one article so that you know what to look for when buying a brand new iPhone.

Disadvantage # 1: Peeling paint

Yes, yes, one of the main disadvantages of the iPhone 12 is called the coating peeling off the edges of the case. True, in fairness it is worth noting that this problem is not widespread and marriage is not yet discussed. So far, only a few cases are known. Moreover, the first iPhone 12 with peeling paint is a demo sample installed in the sales area of ​​an Apple Store in China, where several hundred, or even thousands of hands touched it over the weekend. It is understandable why the paint faded from him so quickly.

Disadvantage # 2: sharp edges

Some iPhone 12 owners complain that, due to the large display size and sharp edges of the case, the smartphone literally bites into their hand. Moreover, sometimes the smartphone literally left marks on the user’s hands in the form of thin cuts, which is confirmed by photographs.

Disadvantage # 3: MagSafe charging

The long-awaited accessory turned into the disappointment of the year. MagSafe has a whole bunch of cons. And here’s the extremely slow charging – iPhone 12 charges via MagSafe at half the rate of charging using a 20-watt wired charger. And the magnets are not strong enough, which makes it difficult to attach the charger to the back panel. And, of course, the circular imprints left by the magnetic charging on the leather and silicone cases. In addition, if a bank card, electronic pass or any other document with a magnetic stripe or RFID chip gets between the smartphone and MagSafe, it will become unusable.

Disadvantage # 4: lack of charging and headphones

This is perhaps the most serious shortcoming of the new iPhones and is not related to marriage or a specific batch. Absolutely all iPhone 12 models lack the power adapter and wired headphones included. Therefore, if you do not have these accessories left from the previous iPhone, then their purchase will cost you a tidy sum.

Disadvantage # 5: the likelihood of cracking

Famous blogger Max Weinbach faced this shortcoming. The other day, he complained that the back cover of his brand new iPhone 12 Pro in the camera area for no apparent reason cracked for no apparent reason. He warned owners of new iPhones about the problem. Moreover, in his case, everything ended well – he contacted Apple support and in the store he was replaced by a smartphone with cracked glass with a new one absolutely free. But if you are not a reputable blogger and cannot prove that the crack on the case of your iPhone appeared on its own, then you will have to replace the cracked panel at your own expense, and the pleasure is not cheap – from 450 to 550 dollars depending on the iPhone model.

We have named only five main disadvantages of the new iPhones, which their owners often talk about. It is possible that in the course of further operation, the iPhone 12 will reveal other disadvantages, and then we will definitely tell about them.

Interestingly, Apple itself has not yet commented on any of the complaints of new iPhone buyers. We can only hope that the company will solve the main problems like peeling paint and cracking glass in the next batches of iPhone 12. And whether or not to buy the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro is up to you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you about the shortcomings)

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