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Nostalgic update at the request of users: the alternative browser Vivaldi received a batch grouping of tabs



The team at the increasingly popular Vivaldi browser has announced a major update to the Vivaldi 4.1 browser.

Vivaldi is developed by the founder of Opera Software Jon von Tetzchner and the browser is regarded as the successor to the old versions of Opera.

Nostalgic update at the request of users: the alternative browser Vivaldi received a batch grouping of tabs

The new version of Vivaldi 4.1 has a feature that was originally present in the good old Opera Presto. At the request of users, Vivaldi has implemented the usual batch grouping of tabs (Accordion Tabs). The developers explain:

Well, we could not ignore these requests and today we are ready to present the usual “lamp” batch grouping of tabs – the way it worked ten years ago. When you create a group of tabs, all of them are “hidden” under the button with an arrow “.

To expand the group tabs, just click on the arrow. By default, the auto-expanding group mode is enabled – when the user clicks on one of these arrows, its group expands, and the rest of the groups collapse. Thus, users have three options for displaying tabs: compact, two-level and batch.

Another important innovation in the browser is the creation of command chains. In the browser settings, you can create a chain to optimize and automate various processes of the same type, which is launched at the right time through the quick commands dialog box, as well as using the assigned key combination or mouse gesture. More than 200 different browser commands can be used in the chain.

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Neuralink, Elon Musk’s brain chip company, to start human clinical trials



Elon Musk’s brain implant company Neuralink is now hiring a director of clinical trials, an indication that the company’s long-standing goal of implanting chips in human brains is drawing closer.

This new position would have as its mission the supervision of the long-promised human trials of its medical device startup, according to the list. Neuralink’s brain implant, which Musk has said already allows monkeys to play video games with just their thoughts, is intended to help treat a variety of neurological disorders, such as paralysis.

Brain Chip Clinical Trials Coming Soon

Last month, Musk told the Wall Street Journal that Neuralink hoped to implant his device in human brains sometime in 2022. However, he has made similar predictions in the past that proved overly optimistic, including in 2019, when he said during a presentation that the device would be in human skulls by the following year.

The first human test that medical device manufacturers must perform on the way to US Food and Drug Administration approval is known as feasibility testing. Next, after a submission, review, and approval process with the FDA based on proof of feasibility, is a pivotal device test.

As reported from Bloomberg, the job description for the position, based in the United States, promises that the applicant “will work closely with some of the most innovative doctors and engineers”, as well as with “The first participants of the Neuralink clinical trial”. It also indicates that the work will mean leading and building “the team responsible for enabling Neuralink clinical research activities”, as well as adhere to regulations.

Last year, another company working on brain-machine interfaces, Synchron, said the FDA had approved its planned feasibility study. Synchron is currently in the recruitment stage, a spokeswoman said. As for Neuralink, it’s unclear exactly how far they’ve come with this process. Representatives for Neuralink and the FDA did not respond to press requests for comment.


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5500 mAh, 144 Hz, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 18 GB RAM. New details and official teasers of the Lenovo Legion Y90 smartphone



While there are no gaming smartphones based on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 platform, the situation will change soon. One of the most interesting models in the segment will be the Lenovo Legion Y90. And new details about this device have just appeared on the Web.

5500 mAh, 144 Hz, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 18 GB RAM.  New details and official teasers of the Lenovo Legion Y90 smartphone

The Legion Y90 will reportedly feature a 6.92-inch AMOLED E4 large screen with a frame rate of 144Hz and a touch response rate of 720Hz. The hardware platform will be based on SoC Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. The battery capacity will be 5500 mAh, there will also be fast charging with a power of 68 watts. The amount of RAM will be 18 GB, and it can be expanded by another 4 GB due to the virtual partition created in the flash memory. The amount of flash memory will be 512 GB, although there will certainly be versions with other amounts of memory.

5500 mAh, 144 Hz, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 18 GB RAM.  New details and official teasers of the Lenovo Legion Y90 smartphone

5500 mAh, 144 Hz, Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, 18 GB RAM.  New details and official teasers of the Lenovo Legion Y90 smartphone

The official teaser shows metal trigger keys that can withstand over 3 million clicks. They will be placed on the side of the Legion Y90. And another picture indicates the outstanding capabilities of the cooling system – it will include an active element (fan). You should also pay attention to the screen, devoid of cutouts – the front camera, apparently, will be located in the upper frame.

The date of the official premiere of the Lenovo Legion Y90 has not yet been announced, but one can think that the new product will be presented in February, after the New Year in China.


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Apps to watch DTT programming and pay television



There are many mobile applications that allow us to consult the programming of DTT and pay television to keep up to date with what is going to be shown on TV. You can also check the DTT programming on specialized pages, on the websites of each channel or group of channels, as well as in the operators’ guide if you have the Movistar Plus+, Orange TV or Vodafone TV decoder. However, today we live glued to our mobile phones, so today we will show you several apps with which you can check the programming of DTT channels or pay TV platforms.

Normally, Smart TVs or more modern televisions have a guide button in which you can also check the next programs, series or movies that are going to be broadcast. But if we are away from home and we want to know what is going to be on television that night, the most useful thing is to consult it through a mobile app.

My TV Guide

It is one of the best apps available to check television programming. It has a simple and intuitive interface without major complications than being able to consult directly what is on TV in the coming days.

It offers the possibility of accessing the programming of the channels or accessing the emission grid by days and hours, so that we can filter with the option that is most comfortable for us. By accessing the “Channels” tab you will be able to find the list of channels that shows the general DTT channels by default. In addition, you can also create your personalized list with your favorite channels.

There are channels from both DTT and Movistar Plus+, Orange TV, Vodafone TV, among others. To always have them at hand, all you have to do is add them to “Favorites”. My TV Guide is available for both Android and iOS.

My TV Guide app

Synchro TV Guide

Another of the apps to consult the programming more than recommended. In addition to consulting what is being broadcast on television at that time or upcoming programs that are going to be broadcast, it also shows us a Featured content selection and recommended for those days when you tell us what you want to see.

Accessing the upper left corner you can consult both the DTT programming and that of the channels of the pay television services offered by some operators. For example, in the tab “Now on TV” You can directly access the list of channels to know and check what they are broadcasting in real time.

synchro tv guide

Movies on TV – TV Guide

If you are one of those who only like watch movies on tv and you are not interested in knowing the programming of other types of programs, the perfect app for you is Movies on TV – TV Guide.

Instead of offering a grid full of information with the complete programming of all the channels like in the apps that we have talked about previously, this app only provides you with information about movies. Of all the films that are going to be broadcast or are being broadcast at that time on DTT channels or on pay television platforms. In the settings you can activate the favorite channel filter in order to reduce the information and have only what interests you most at a glance.

Movies on TV - tv guide

Just Watch

It is an app that has a streaming content guide Very complete. Just Watch tells you where to watch your streaming movies and series showing all the options. The search engine includes more than 20,000 movies and series, all accompanied by a trailer, synopsis, cast and ratings.

You will find the best fiction from Movistar Plus+ or the most outstanding titles from up to 14 streaming content providers such as Prime Video, Netflix or Atresmedia, among others, to keep up to date with all the news.

Just Watch app


An easy-to-use platform where you will receive regular updates. Unlike the previous apps. TVProfil requires you to register with your email and set a password to access the app.

After registering, you will have to select the television platforms or DTT channels of the channels for which you want to consult the programming. Some of the channels are already selected by default, so it is best to check or uncheck the networks according to your personal tastes.

Once you make the selection you can check what they are broadcasting in real time, in the next few hours and even days. In the menu on the left that TVProfil has, you can filter content by categories (cinema, series, documentaries or sports) and also make a search through keywords. If you access the detail file of each content you will be able to see the information of the program, movie or series. Also, if you touch the button that is in the upper right corner with the shape of a clock, they have the option to set an alarm so that the app notifies you of the start of the programs, documentaries, movies or series that you are interested in watching.

profile tv

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