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Nokia will roll out 4G network on the moon

by Henry Brown

This is not the first time Nokia has been involved in the development of lunar data transmission systems, the last time in a similar project the company appeared in 2018. But this time, it seems, everything is serious: Nokia received $ 14.1 million from NASA for a project to deploy a high-speed LTE (4G) network on the Moon.

On Wednesday, NASA awarded a host of new contracts for a mission to explore and develop the lunar surface, totaling $ 370 million. Most of the money went to SpaceX and the United Launch Alliance, which will work to improve the production and handling of rocket fuel in space. And Nokia’s goal is to create a wireless network that will unite users who are at great distances from each other, provide communication for lunar landing modules, all-terrain vehicles and other infrastructure. NASA’s ultimate goal is to create a lunar base as a long-term work place for astronauts. The project should be completed by 2028.

As one NASA employee, Jim Bridenstine, commented on the situation: “System [Nokia] will provide communication on the lunar surface over long distances, with high speed and greater reliability than existing standards. We want to build an infrastructure that will enable international partnerships for the largest and most diverse community of researchers in human history. “

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