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Nissan Titan buyers get a state-of-the-art Nissan Leaf Plus electric car for two years in the USA



Last year, sales of Nissan Titan pickup trucks fell to 26,441 units, and the company found an interesting way to increase sales. According to Carscoops, Nissan Titan buyers receive the Nissan Leaf electric car as a gift for two years.

More specifically, this electric car will be able to drive up to 16,000 km or use it from time to time for two years – and this is only 99 cents, subject to the purchase of a Nissan Titan pickup truck.

All Nissan Leaf electric vehicles available under this program are Plus versions, which are equipped with a 215 hp electric motor. and an enlarged battery with a capacity of 62 kW • h, which allows them to cover a distance of up to 364 km. It should be added that the Nissan Leaf Plus starts at $ 38,270, so a two-year rental for 99 cents is a great option.

But do not forget that first you need to buy a Nissan Titan. The most affordable version of a pickup truck in the US costs about $ 50,000, but a specific US dealer has a price tag of $ 42,242.

Despite declining sales of the Nissan Titan, it still outperforms the Nissan Leaf, which fell from 12,635 units in 2019 to 9,559 units last year.

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