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Nissan has turned a popular electric car into a mobile power plant

by Henry Brown


Many modern electric cars have large batteries with excellent autonomy. Nissan engineers decided to use this quality to create the concept of an ambulance capable of powering rescue equipment, medical equipment and even an ordinary house.

Re-Leaf will be the first electric car created under the new concept of the Japanese automaker. Based on the popular Leaf electric car, the prototype will receive water-protected outlets with easy access and a voltage of 110 to 230 volts. Its task is to supply energy to technology in the area of ​​emergencies related to weather or any other disaster. It is reported that the battery charge of the electric car will be enough to dismantle the debris and provide emergency care. For example, for the operation of an electric jackhammer or lung ventilation in an intensive care unit. A fully charged Re-Leaf is able to provide electricity to a family for about six days, if necessary.

«We are constantly exploring ways to make electric cars our lives better. Concepts such as Re-Leaf show the possible use of electric vehicles to help disaster victims“, – say Nissan representatives.

Unlike the serial version, Re-Leaf received significant modifications. Thus, due to the increased ground clearance, it can move on roads covered with debris and debris. The Re-Leaf also has extra floor protection and wider wheels. The trunk has a pull-out table and plenty of free space in the rear seats. There are no exact terms of receipt of such car in parks of emergency services. However, the converted Nissan Leaf has been performing a similar mission in Japan since 2011.


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