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Nintendo relaxes refund policy, but Steam is still friendlier




Nintendo has a strict policy of not only intellectual property but also refunds. Previously, gamers could not return money for purchased entertainment at all. Now the company has made another amendment that allows you to cancel pre-orders.

Pre-order is not a sentence

As writes, from September 1, Nintendo is introducing a new rule regarding refunds for pre-orders. Now, you can pick up your hard-earned money if there is more than a week left before the release of the game. The innovation was announced in the helpdesk reference materials for Japan, the USA and Europe, where the new rules have already entered into force.

Of course, the terms of Nintendo’s return are not up to the nobility of Steam. The Valve platform allows you to return money for pre-order 14 days after payment, and an already purchased product can be returned if the user has played less than two hours. Moreover, for especially problematic games, Steam makes exceptions, increasing the time.
The system works in a similar way on the Xbox, but PlayStation users will be able to return their money only if they have not started downloading the purchased game.


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