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Nintendo has announced a new portable retro console

by Henry Brown


Nintendo has announced the Game & Watch console. It is dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the legendary Mario Bros.

The retro design of the new Game & Watch was copied from the original consoles of this series. They were produced from 1980 to 1991.

Unlike previous versions, the new console will have not one game, but three at once. This is Super Mario Bros. and its sequel Super Mario Bros .: The Lost Levels, as well as an updated version of the game Ball, in which Mario was placed.

And a special addition that has become a tribute to tradition: the Game & Watch console can be used as a table clock! A special stand will hold it.

Game & Watch will go on sale November 13th. It is expected that sales of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 will begin on the same days. In the US, Game & Watch will be asked for $ 50, and in Europe – 50 €. The Russian price has not yet been announced, but I suppose that it will be close to five thousand rubles, if the “wooden” price does not change much.

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