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Nigeria officially lifts ban on Twitter



After a long standoff that lasted nearly six months, the Nigerian government and Twitter have reached an agreement. This should allow the social network to be operational again in this African country which is one of the most important on the continent. A decision that certainly should not delight President Donald Trump.


The news concerning the lifting of sanctions against Twitter was relayed this Wednesday, January 12, 2022 by the Nigerian press even though the decision has not yet entered into force. This became effective from January 13, 2022 at midnight.

A press release synonymous with the burial of the hatchet

The information relayed by the Nigerian press comes from Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, the president of the Nigerian technological agency known as NITDA. To this end, he issued a press release on January 12, 2022, in which he indicated that the sanction against Twitter would be lifted in the coming hours.

It must be said that he is also the chairman of the committee set up by the Federal Republic of Nigeria following the ban. The said committee was to steer the negotiations between the Nigerian authorities and the representatives of Twitter.

In his statement, Mr. Abdullahi indicated that the President gave his approval for the suspension to be lifted. This was done through the Nigerian Minister of Communications and Digital Economy.

Mr. Abdullahi’s statement reads: “The approval was given following a memo written to the President by the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, Prof Isa Ali Ibrahim. In the memo, the Minister updated and sought the President’s approval for the waiver based on the recommendation of the Nigeria-Twitter Engagement Technical Committee”.

Twitter would now be ready to comply with Nigeria’s demands

Nigeria has decided to ban Twitter from its territory following the deletion of a tweet by the Nigerian president by the social network. Following this, the West African giant set requirements that Twitter must meet if it wants the suspension to be lifted.

In Mr. Abdullahi’s statement, we can read that the microblogging platform would now be ready to follow the directives of Lagos. Thus, Twitter would have agreed to set up a legal entity in Nigeria during the first quarter of 2022.

Apart from this, the social network has reportedly reached an agreement with the Nigerian authorities regarding the payment of local taxes and cooperation with the Nigerian government. A cooperation that should allow the Nigerian authorities to regulate the content published by Nigerian citizens on the platform. Two important points which obviously dragged out the negotiations.

According to Mr. Abdullahi’s press release, Twitter will very soon appoint a representative whose role would be to discuss with the Nigerian government if necessary. With respect to local taxes, Twitter will now meet tax obligations under Nigerian law.

Source: TechCrunch


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They want their AI to be more accurate in detecting human emotions



Hume AI is a new emerging company that has wanted to go far in the detection of human emotions through Artificial Intelligence, understanding that there is no universal pattern for the detection of emotions, there are great differences in the way people express your emotions depending on where they come from.

Thus, Hume AI tries to be more precise against solutions developed by rival companies such as Neurodata Labs, Entropik Technology, Eyeris, among many emerging companies, which join veteran companies that have also embraced the identification of human emotions through Artificial Intelligence such as Nuance, acquired by Microsoft last year, and Affectiva, among others.

Hume AI belongs to a particular segment of the AI ​​industry, known as emotional AI, which is expected to nearly double in size by 2026, according to Markets and Markets.

Presented now by VentureBeat, Human AI points out that to deal with the complexity of detecting human expressions through AI, it has a data set of expressions, facials and vocals of people from a wide variety of origins through 1.1 million images and videos of facial expressions belonging to more than 30,000 different people in the US, China, Venezuela, India, South Africa and Ethiopia.

This is in addition to the expressions recorded in 900,000 audio recordings of more than 25,000 people, as a whole a sampling perhaps somewhat smaller than its direct rivals, but oriented to cover “an extremely wide range of expressions”.

Regarding their future, they point out that:

As interest in accessing our empathic AI models has increased, we have been preparing to increase access to them at scale. Therefore, we will launch a developer platform that will provide API documentation and a playing field for developers and researchers.

To improve the accuracy of your AI:

We are also collecting data and training models for social interaction and conversational data, body language, and multimodal expressions that we anticipate will expand use cases and our customer base.

The most curious thing is that their AI will not be limited to simply evaluating human emotions, since they hope to go further with their future practical application through the world of robotics.

To do this, they are working with Hoomano, an emerging company specialized in the development of social robots, seeking to create robots that act as digital assistants that offer recommendations based on feelings.

They have also reached agreements with researchers at Mount Sinai and the University of California in San Francisco to see if the AI ​​is capable of detecting signs of depression and schizophrenia that other models have failed to find until now.

For its founder, Alan Cowen:

Hume AI provides the necessary tools to ensure that technologies are designed to improve the well-being of their users. Without tools to measure emotional cues, there is no way of knowing how an AI system processes these cues and affects people’s emotions, and there is no hope of designing the system to do so in a way consistent with the well-being of people. people

More information: Hume AI


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Willem Dafoe (the Green Goblin in Spider-Man) has an idea for Joker 2



Willem Dafoe has a pretty crazy career. The actor, since his debut, has chained major films under the leadership of recognized filmmakers. But the man does not hesitate to venture on the road of blockbusters and marked millions of spectators by interpreting Norman Obsorn / the Green Goblin in Spiderman by Sam Raimi in 2002. Very recently, the actor resumed his supervillain costume in Spider-Man: No Way Home. And Willem Dafoe no longer seems to want to stop with the world of comics. During an interview with QG, the latter shared that he has an idea for… joker 2. Remember that the Oscar-winning feature film is entitled to a sequel in which Joaquin Phoenix resumes his role.

History to make the fans salivate, Willem Dafoe even speaks of a ” fantasy » about son pitch.

Credit: Warner Bros.

But then what story did the legend of the Seventh Art imagine for Joker 2?

What if the Joker crossed paths with an imitator?

This is the pitch unveiled by Willem Dafoe. In addition to imagining a plot for joker 2, the comedian wants the presence of Joaquin Phoenix as the nemesis of the Batman. According to the actor, the universe has the potential for such an encounter.

There is something interesting, for example, if there is a joker impostor. It would therefore be possible to have not a duel but someone who claims to be one but is not. In that opens the possibility of an exciting story, especially if you have Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker and you have someone who imitates or copies him. It’s a fantasy.

Willem Dafoe

Of course, Willem Dafoe has literally no connection with DC Comics, Warner or the production of joker 2. But it must be recognized that on paper, his pitch is envious.

For the moment, we don’t know anything about the plot that the feature film has in store. Because for many, Joker is self-sufficient. It’s hard to imagine a second film.

But there is no doubt that with the winning trajectory of the DCEU recently, an exciting plot will be found by the screenwriters of joker 2.


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Peacemaker has a big future in the DCEU



Who would have thought that years after the failure of Suicide Squad, Task Force X would benefit from such enthusiasm? It must be said that James Gunn was appointed by Warner to direct The Suicide Squad. A reboot in the form of a sequel hailed by spectators and much better controlled than the previous film. Because the filmmaker is not just anyone! Fans know him well from Guardians of the Galaxy at Marvel. And recently, his new series is broadcast on HBO Max: Peacemaker. This program focuses on the character of John Cena introduced in The Suicide Squad and takes place right after.

And according to James Gunn in an interview (via comic book), the antihero has a big future in the DCEU.

Credit: Warner Bros.

The director draws a parallel between Peacemaker and Guardians of the Galaxy. Because in the past, the team was unknown to the general public.

A great future in ten or five years?

Peacemaker takes place after The Suicide Squad and focuses on the antihero played by John Cena. A patriot far removed from the positive image portrayed by a very clean Captain America on him. Here, violence reigns peace. Spectators were already discovering the fascist inclinations of the character in James Gunn’s film.

And according to the filmmaker, Peacemaker has a big future in the DCEU. Previously, the filmmaker repeatedly stated that the character could appear in other DC Comics productions.

The series incorporates the DCEU, [la Warner] can use these characters. I mean one of them is used in a future big DC Comics movie. So we are tied to all of that. Who knows their role in the future? I mean, no one knew about Guardians of the Galaxy and suddenly they’re indispensable in avengers infinity war and Endgame. So who knows what will happen with Peacemaker in ten, five years, whatever.

james gunn

very soon after The Suicide Squad, Warner formalized the series centered on Peacemaker. Many also hope to find the happy team of the first film, very endearing. We obviously think of Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, King Shark or even Ratcatcher 2.


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