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New way of cheating: under the guise of DualSense, the owner of the Sony PlayStation 5 received an Xbox Series X controller



One of the Sony PlayStation 5 users spoke on the news social resource Reddit about a new method of fraud, of which he became a victim.

While it is almost impossible to find and buy the PlayStation 5 itself in the official sales channels, the DualSense controller is not in short supply. However, crihyde decided to ignore the official channels and buy DualSense on eBay.

There are many reputable sellers on eBay, but the risk is still there. This time, the risks worked, but in an unexpected way. One would assume that the user will receive a Chinese counterfeit or something like that.

However, instead of DualSense or a Chinese counterfeit, the user received an Xbox Series X, slightly “made up” for DualSense, in the official box for the PlayStation 5 controller.

The story aroused sympathy from readers – in two days it got more than 7,000 “likes” and more than 400 comments. It is not yet clear how the story will end, while the user demanded a refund.

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