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New technology from Xiaomi allows you to install games in the RAM of the smartphone

by Henry Brown

Xiaomi has officially introduced support for RAMDISK technology for smartphones – this function allows you to use the device’s RAM as a virtual drive for storing content. Because RAM is much faster than any storage device, the technology can improve the performance of a single game or application. It should be noted that RAMDISK technology has been used on PCs for a long time, while this function was not previously implemented on smartphones. Now, probably after a series of tests and improvements, RAMDISK will be actively used in modern smartphones with a large amount of RAM on board.

For example, the company’s representatives tested the technology on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra smartphone – the device uses LPDDR5 RAM, and the storage is UFS 3.1 flash memory. Despite the fact that flash memory is extremely fast (1700 MB / s reading and 750 MB / s writing), it is very far from RAM – LPDDR5 provides a speed of 44 GB / s. Thanks to this, the gamer, using the RAMDISK technology, can download the content he needs two times faster, and the performance in the game itself increases. But the technology also has a number of disadvantages, which the user also needs to know about.

Firstly, at the moment Xiaomi announces only ten games that can be used in RAMDISK mode – all of them are downloaded exclusively from Game Center in the “Quick Install” section. That is, it is too early to talk about the full deployment of the technology. Secondly, if the user’s smartphone turns off for some reason, the content from RAM will be automatically deleted. True, Xiaomi added the ability to transfer the game from RAM to permanent memory in order to avoid this. And, thirdly, so far the technology has been tested only on one smartphone – it is not yet known whether it will be supported by other models.

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