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New smart and cheap doorbell from Huawei presented



The released new product called Huawei Smart Doorbell Pro is part of the smart home ecosystem and has interesting features.

First, the owners of the house can always answer the doorbell without even going to the door. It is enough just to have a smartphone at hand, to which the signal is forwarded. Moreover, now you can find out who called the doorbell while the owners were not at home, because the signal can be received (and even talked to the guest) anywhere, even on the other side of the planet.

New smart and cheap doorbell from Huawei presented

The novelty can be tied to Huawei Smart Screen so that the image from the call camera will be transmitted to the TV screen with a picture-in-picture effect.

Developers from Huawei have foreseen the possibility that small children will stay at home. The doorbell can now change the voice of the speaker from inside the home. It is noteworthy that even if a person comes to the door and stands in front of it without pressing the bell, the camera will automatically start recording video after 10 seconds of such strange behavior.

The Smart Camera Pro of this doorbell has a 165 degree field of view. The novelty is equipped with SoC HiSilicon, thanks to which it is able to recognize faces and received the function of infrared recognition of the human body.

A capacious 6500 mAh battery is used, which will last for 8 months.

Source: fengjunzi

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