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New PlayStation 5 Games Cannot Be Installed on External Storage



Press-start employees shared not the most pleasant news for everyone who plans to purchase a PlayStation 5. Experts have already managed to get acquainted with the PlayStation 5, and one of the most unpleasant news was the inability to save the games of the current generation on external drives.

Previously, both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 could be connected to an external hard drive and used as storage for games. As it turned out, this feature was removed in the new console from Sony.

Oddly enough, you can download games from the previous generation of the console to an external hard drive. But as soon as users want to transfer the game from the PlayStation 5, the system will give an error. It seems that Sony has intentionally taken this step. Moreover, the system itself offers to install games for the PlayStation 4 on an external drive.

Considering that the size of next-gen projects is growing, and they take up more and more space on the console, for some this may be a problem.


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