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New patent describes the local operation of the Taptic Engine

by Henry Brown


The iPhone 6s debuted the Taptic Engine, which redefined vibration in a smartphone. The tactile feedback became pleasant, understandable and varied, and in subsequent generations it was only improved.

This is how the Taptic Engine looks inside. Source: Apple

A patent published by Apple, which appeared on the US Patent and Trademark Office website, describes a new version of the Taptic Engine that will use parts of the device.

What does it mean?

The patent describes several options for implementation. In the first case, it is indicated that the Taptic Engine will be associated with a specific part of the device, and holding the smartphone in your hands, you will definitely “feel” the notification.

The second option is additional protrusions on the body. They will appear as needed. This option can be used with covers, for example, parts of which will be squeezed out and visually signal an incoming notification.

Imagine that using the Taptic Engine locally will send notifications of incoming calls and messages from important contacts to the right side of the iPhone, and everything else to the left. Of course, a patent can forever remain a patent and we will never see something like this in smartphones or smart watches, but manufacturers will have to surprise us: the characteristics have long ceased to excite users, real innovations are needed.

Source: Apple

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