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New M1 chip turns out to be 25% faster than 8th generation Core i5 – test results



With the new M1 chip, Apple is promising significant performance gains over previous Intel Core PCs. Unfortunately, the Cupertino tech giant did not give specific numbers. But this gap has already been filled by one of the Twitter users under the nickname @andysomerfield.

The enthusiast tested the Apple M1 chip in the Affinity Photo benchmark. Apple’s 2019 iMac based on the 8th generation 6-core Intel Core i5 was chosen as a rival for the new processor, its clock speed was 4.1 GHz.

Affinity Photo is a photo editing application with a built-in benchmark. In it, the new processor received the following ratings:

To understand whether this is a lot or not, you need to look at the results of Intel Core i5:

It turns out that the M1 is 25% faster than the Core i5. Apple is showing that the ARM architecture can keep up with the previous generation Intel x86 chips in terms of performance, while maintaining excellent power efficiency.

Source: tomshardware

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