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New emoji introduced. They will appear in the next iOS




The Unicode Consortium has unveiled 217 new emojis that will appear in the next versions of iOS, Android and other operating systems.

In fact, there are only seven new emoji, and the remaining 210 are additional options for the existing couple with a heart and couple with a kiss emoji.

Emojis of a burning and bandaged heart, a bearded woman and a bearded man of indeterminate gender, a sighing emoticon, an emoticon in the clouds and a stunned / puzzled emoticon appeared.

New emoji from Unicode 13.1. Source: Emojipedia

Let me remind you that this is an interim update 13.1, because due to the pandemic, the release of Unicode 14.0 with a large number of emoticons had to be postponed six months in advance, that is, from March to September 2021. In operating systems, new emoticons will not appear until late 2021 – early 2022.


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