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New details about GTA 6 delight fans

by Henry Brown

In light of the unknown from the developer Rockstar about the release date and gameplay features of GTA 6, fans are making their predictions based on the information leaked. Recently, a virtual map of the city has been actively discussed on the forums. The reason for this was the fresh publication of the map, part of which in a certain way repeats the sketch that was replicated on the network in 2018.

New GTA 6 map leaked to the network and its credibility raises little doubt

On GTAforums, community members examined and compared images from two years ago. The conclusions indirectly confirm the plausibility of the map. In particular, the scales of all visible objects, like an airport, fit perfectly into the dimensions of the entire map and are as close as possible in size to real ones. In addition, it is noted that it complies with generally accepted Rockstar principles when creating maps for past releases of GTA.

GTA Vice City map based on the city of Miami
GTA Vice City map based on the city of Miami

Speaking about the geographic location, this archipelago resembles the outlines of Miami. By the way, this is another argument in the assumption of “resurrection” in GTA 6 good old Vice City. They first started talking about it back in the fall, as well as about the recreation of a certain analogue of Cuba.

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