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New cybersecurity solutions of the week September 16 2021 New cybersecurity solutions of the week September 16 2021


New cybersecurity solutions of the week: September 16, 2021



A brief overview of the main novelties on the information security market for the week.

American security solutions developer Code42 has unveiled Incydr Flows, a series of automated actions for effectively responding to various types of insider threats. The new functionality is integrated with Code42 Incydr, an enterprise software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution designed to detect and respond to data leaks without compromising authorized file sharing between employees.

Incydr Flows are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the response to insider threats and reduce the burden on normally overwhelmed cybersecurity teams. Incydr Flows are designed to monitor, contain, train, and remediate security events and can be tailored in severity, context and priority level.

The American company Commvault has presented a service for responding to ransomware attacks Commvault Ransomware Response Service. The service provides expert analysis and resources to recover from attacks. As part of the service, Commvault provides the Ransomware Recovery Incident Manager tool developed by the Commvault Recovery Operations team. The service works with customers to identify and recover critical data and accelerate the return to normal business operations.

Attivo Networks has released Attivo ThreatStrike, an agentless technology to protect endpoints from identity theft. The solution hides credentials and binds them to applications, while bogus credentials are a decoy for attackers to impersonate. By misdirecting hacker attacks, organizations gain an advantage in time to detect, analyze, and stop an attacker.

ForgeRock, an international security vendor, has announced an AI-powered identity analytics solution. Autonomous Identity uses machine learning to collect and analyze identity data to identify blind spots in provisioned access. The solution provides a broader understanding of the risks associated with user access. ForgeRock Autonomous Identity helps organizations comply with regulations, reduce risk and reduce costs.

IPKeys Power Partners has released an easy-to-use unified cybersecurity and compliance monitoring solution for utilities, generating companies and power plants.

The SigmaFlow Beacon platform was created to help organizations comply with North American Electric Reliability Corp (NERC) regulations. SigmaFlow Beacon provides NERC registered businesses with a single solution to promote, simplify and improve existing cybersecurity and monitoring requirements.

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17-year-old hacker who allegedly leaked GTA 6 gameplay videos online arrested in UK



17 year old hacker who allegedly leaked GTA 6 gameplay videos online

London police today announced the capture of a 17-year-old teenager suspected of cybercrime in Oxfordshire. At the moment, it is only reported that the arrested person is in custody.

17-year-old hacker who allegedly leaked GTA 6 gameplay videos online arrested in UK

The police declined to say what caused the arrest, but a number of facts indicate that this particular teenager, associated with the Lapsus$ hacker group, previously hacked into Uber, and recently posted screenshots and videos of GTA 6 gameplay on the Web.

In March, Bloomberg wrote that the person believed to be behind several major network hacks was a 16-year-old teenager whose home is in Oxfordshire. Uber wrote on its blog after the hack: “We believe this attacker (or attackers) is associated with a hacker group called Lapsus$, which is becoming more and more active.” A hacker who posted a GTA 6 video online claimed responsibility for the attack on Uber in forum posts.

Recall, yesterday it became known that the FBI joined the investigation into the hacking of Uber and the publication of GTA 6 materials online.

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The security specialist was able to “hack” the PS5 through the same vulnerability that he used to jailbreak the PS4



The security specialist was able to hack the PS5 through

Security specialist Andy Nguyen was able to bypass the protection of the PS5 game console and “hack” it using an old vulnerability that he also used on the PS4. It concerns the features of the exFAT file system in Sony’s implementation. In 2020, Nguyen managed to jailbreak his PS4 using the same vulnerability. As a result, the specialist received full access to the system core.

The security specialist was able to

The researcher suggested that during the transition from FreeBSD9 to FreeBSD11, the patch that closed the vulnerability somehow stopped working or was removed during the upgrade. The specialist has already reported the vulnerability to the company, which paid him $10,000. The same amount Nguyen received for the same vulnerability on PS4.

The PlayStation hack allows the user to install emulators of other consoles, play pirated versions of games, and also unlock some features that are not normally available to users.

At the same time, Nguyen explained that the error he discovered was just one of a chain of errors required for a full PlayStation 5 jailbreak. To date, the newest console has not been hacked.

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Only pin code, only hardcore. Locking a smartphone with a fingerprint reduces its security, says Group-IB digital forensics specialist



Only pin code only hardcore Locking a smartphone with a

Group-IB digital forensics specialist Igor Mikhailov told the Prime agency why you should not use a fingerprint on your phone.

According to him, locking a smartphone with a fingerprint reduces its security, as the fingerprint can be copied. In addition, it is possible to unlock the gadget with someone else’s fingerprints, especially on devices with an old sensor.

Only pin code, only hardcore.  Locking a smartphone with a fingerprint reduces its security, says Group-IB digital forensics specialist

The most secure way to unlock a smartphone, according to Mikhailov, is to use complex passwords. He advised to turn off the fingerprint login and leave only the pin code.

As for unlocking a smartphone by face, Apple’s Face ID system is the most reliable, but even its enthusiasts managed to deceive with photos and masks of the owners.

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