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New cybersecurity solutions of the week December 2 2021 New cybersecurity solutions of the week December 2 2021


New cybersecurity solutions of the week: December 2, 2021



A brief overview of new offers on the market of information security solutions.

Boxcryptor has released a major update to its eponymous encryption software. The new product received support for encrypted messages in Microsoft Teams on devices running Windows, macOS, iOS and Android, as well as a new long-awaited feature that allows users to work with encrypted data in private channels and chats (previously this feature was only available for public channels).

Hiya has added a new self-learning Adaptive AI system to its product for protecting subscribers from spam calls Hiya Protect, designed to detect and block spam calls in real time. Adaptive AI analyzes patterns that spammers follow and adapts to them in real time to block illegal calls without the need for telecom operators to retrain staff or bring up old data. Adaptive AI relies on real-time streams of data from wireless carriers, smartphones and apps. Thanks to the new technology, the amount of spam detected by Hiya Protect has increased by 20%.

Code42 has added a data leak detector to its SaaS solution for detecting and responding to data leaks Code42 Incydr, which records the export of reports from Salesforce installations to untrusted locations. With Trust, the detector alerts security teams if Salesforce data is sent to unmonitored personal laptops or mobile devices by malicious, negligent, or reckless insiders without affecting employee productivity.

Siren has released a new version of its eponymous Investigative Intelligence solution for effectively addressing security threats. Siren 12 has new features that eliminate the need for many disparate data acquisition products. The update expands the platform’s ability to search the entire enterprise network and provide sets of links that enable clear visualization and exploration of the relationships between records. Siren 12 not only allows you to view existing information, but also create new records and freely edit graphs and for the first time combines the phases of “analysis”, “data entry” and “hypothesis and presentation” into one intuitive interface.

Avast has released a new version of its free Avast Online Security browser extension, now called Avast Online Security & Privacy (AOSP). AOSP is a convenient, standalone privacy starter pack that complements Avast Free Antivirus and Avast One. AOSPs provide users with protection from tracking their online activity, the ability to opt out of targeted ads, and protection from phishing. In addition, AOSP encourages users to take control of the data they exchange on the Web through its integrated Global Privacy Control (GPC) service.

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It turned out that even a turned off iPhone can be hacked



It turned out that even a turned off iPhone can

Researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany have found that the iPhone can be at risk even when turned off.

When iPhone is turned off, most wireless chips, including Bluetooth, NFC, and Ultra-Wideband (UWB), continue to work for up to 24 hours. So the phone can still be found through Find My and you can still access credit cards and digital keys. These wireless chips have direct access to the secure element and can be used to install malware on the iPhone even when iOS is down.

Wireless chips operate in low power mode (Low-Power Mode, LPM). This is not to be confused with Power Saving Mode, which extends battery life. LPM support is implemented in hardware, which means that this issue cannot be fixed with a software-side fix.

It turned out that even a turned off iPhone can be hacked

Researchers conducted a security analysis of the LPM features introduced in iOS 15 and found that the Bluetooth LPM firmware could be modified to run malware on the iPhone. These loopholes have not been previously considered and could allow hackers with system-level access to track someone’s location or trigger new features on the phone. The problem seems to stem from the fact that LPM features were designed with functionality in mind, and there seemed to be little attention given to possible threats outside of the intended applications.

Disabling Find My turns turned off iPhones into tracking devices, and the implementation in the Bluetooth firmware is not immune to manipulation. Tracking properties can be surreptitiously modified by attackers with system-level access.

Ars Technica notes that most iPhone users have nothing to worry about, since a jailbroken iPhone is required to infect third-party software. However, the security hole can be exploited by spyware such as Pegasus.

The results of the research were transferred to Apple, which did not comment on the situation.

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The GeForce RTX 3050 can now also be almost fully used for Ethereum mining. Nvidia LHR v3 security cracked 90%



The GeForce RTX 3050 can now also be almost fully

A couple of weeks ago, the LHR protection in Nvidia graphics cards was cracked, which allowed everyone to use accelerators for Ethereum mining at full capacity again. But in fact, then the protection of LHR v2 was cracked, but not LHR v3.

The GeForce RTX 3050 can now also be almost fully used for Ethereum mining.  Nvidia LHR v3 security cracked 90%

The LHR v3 version is present in Nvidia’s latest releases: RTX 3050 and RTX 3080 12GB. And it is still not completely hacked, but now the NiceHash miner is able to use 90% of the performance of these cards when mining cryptocurrency. It’s not a complete hack yet, but it’s getting very close.

Fortunately, at the moment the cryptocurrency market is in a state of decline, so it hardly makes any sense to buy the same RTX 3050 for mining, which means that gamers need not worry for now.

By the way, a large article has been published on our website with an analysis of methods for cracking Nvidia protection.

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Nvidia lost. LHR mining protection is also hacked under Linux. This was done by NBMiner developers



Nvidia lost LHR mining protection is also hacked under

Two days have passed since the NiceHash developers cracked the Nvidia LHR protection, as the NBMiner team also pleased their users with the same news. Only this time we are talking about software for Linux.

Nvidia lost.  LHR mining protection is also hacked under Linux.  This was done by NBMiner developers

Thus, Nvidia’s protection completely fell for both Windows and Linux. Unfortunately, both programs are closed source, so it’s not clear what mechanisms the developers used to hack.

Whether the loss of Nvidia will affect the availability and prices of video cards is still difficult to say. At the moment, the cryptocurrency market continues to fall, but sooner or later it will turn around, and gamers may again face shortages and overpriced graphics cards.

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