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Netflix unveils TikTok-like app called Fast Laughs



Short video apps like Tik Tok have gained acceptance in recent years. So, Netflix, not wanting to lag behind “trends of fashion”, presents its own application Fast Laughs.

Fast Laughs is not a copy of Tik Tok in the usual sense. The app also provides users with the ability to watch short videos, but instead of amateur videos, there are excerpts from any movies, TV series or other content provided on Netflix.

The Fast Laughs feed is displayed in the familiar full-screen vertical mode, with control buttons on the right side. Fast Laughs is supposed to allow users to watch short clips from any programs and thus select some films, series or other shows that can be added to the list to watch on the streaming platform later.

Fast Laughs is available for iOS users in select countries. The Android platform is not yet supported, but work is underway in this direction.

Source: Techcrunch

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